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Now they are mine. Mine alone ~
An Integra/Alucard/Seras community
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2nd-Jul-2009 02:04 pm - IT LIVES!
Hellsing/Lesbos Islands (c) raykat
Oh hay, comm is alive ♥

I was randomly clicking on Japanese art sites (that need registration) and found great art, some of it with Alucard, Seras and Integra (as pairing & as trio). Check it out:

26th-Oct-2008 07:35 pm - The Victorian Era - A Hellsing RPG

Click To Visit The Victorian Era

The story takes place after the Hellsing TV anime, but before the events concerning The Wild Geese and Millenium in the OVA.

With England practically decimated by Incognito, Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing was held responsible and was preparing to stand trial before a new horror showed it's face to plague this world. They go by the name of the Victorian Era: a group of homicidal, bloodthirsty monsters mentioned in the classic Victorian novels of all time: Carmilla, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Invisible Man, and their own league of followers and familiars who threaten the church, crown, and eventually all of Europe, perhaps the world.

The Queen has ordered that Sir Integra be released and pardoned so she can resume her role as Head of the Hellsing Organization and put these monsters to justice. But she is not alone. These monsters have already become a problem for the Iscariot Organization, and Integra may have more on her hands to worry about then just the Victorians.

All members are welcome. We allow original characters, but we'd prefer it if we get the canon ones out of the way first. Keep that in mind when you join!
16th-Oct-2008 01:17 pm - Chapter 95 Romancia
Hellsing/Lesbos Islands (c) raykat
Everybody get their raws at hellsing now!

This here is a script translation. I found a mistake so far instead of SpoilersCollapse )

Discussion? Is this community dead? ._.

On the POV of IxSxACollapse )
1st-Jan-2008 02:02 pm - Fun with double meanings
Girlycard/giddy (c) _icongalore
...to resurrect the community.

In Lunatic Dawn, Alucard tells to Walter "我が主人!我が下僕!" to refer to Integra and to Seras which is mostly translated as "My Master! My (Male) Servant!" or, alternative, "My Lord! My (male) Slave!" (Yes, Alucard uses male nouns with Seras too, exception being Police Girl. It's a quirk of the character that is lost when they are translated in English). However these have a double meaning, in another context, he'll be saying literally "My Husband! My Groom!" *g* Now husband in an archaic sense means lord of the household (in Japan and Europe) while groom likewise isn't only bridegroom but a male servant, but it's a funny thing to know.

Just a little fun with words, Japanese and English.
1st-Jul-2007 01:46 am - Two pics from a Japanese page
Hellsing/Lesbos Islands (c) raykat
They are two pbbs pics from The Vampire House that came out around Finnest Hour III. They aren't yet uploaded and they were lost in the board, but I saved them in my hard disc.

Alucard with Seras and Integra. FluffCollapse )
31st-May-2007 07:55 pm - Note for members
Hellsing girls (c) sailorptah
I have locked the NWS material (and the music too), to make this community free from the grasp of LJ TOS. If you publish mp3s or NWS material, I suggest you to do the same.
30th-May-2007 05:27 pm - Manga moments between the trio
Esther/box (c) sakurahoshi
One of the things I truly dislike of the OVA is that they cut quality time between the characters (possibly because they don't care about character development *eyeroll*), I've listed the moments the trio was gathered together (sharing a conversation, reaction or fight).

Volume 1:
- When Alucard brings Seras to Integral. It's a pretty funny scene in which Integral freaks out at Alucard and Seras is SO confused.
- Alucard teaches Seras how to shoot properly while Integral reads a newspaper and recalls her meeting with Alucard. Then both vampires poke fun on her and she freaks out again. *g*
- Integral going to rescue her vampires from Anderson, saving Seras (who rejected to drink Alucard's blood) and then Seras standing up to protect her only for Alucard become bats to separate Anderson from his Master. This chapter is one of my favorites due to team-work and intense interactions. It also ends in a funny note, this time about Seras.

Volume 2:
- Wild Geese meeting. Integral-Seras interaction is priceless, both agree Alucard might kill them. Then Alucard showing up to check on everyone.
- When Integral's insulted in next chapter, Alucard decides to play knight/scary hound and do the noble thing and kill off Maxwell. Then stops caring about battling Anderson after Seras show up with the tourist guide. Alucard and Integral leave to do their respective things. While is Walter the one who thanks Seras, I wanted to point out he was rather passive until then, while Integral-Alucard-Seras work in synchronization.

Volume 3:
- The only scene they share together is when Seras' locked up in her coffin, Alucard keeping her there and Integral commenting that won't pass through customs.
- While isn't an interaction they were involved in together. Alucard's reactions to Seras and Integral (and their respective behavior) of the massacre is interesting. None of the women like what was happening, Integral's stressed and Seras' scared about the killing the cops. Alucard has an intense reaction to both. Seras in anger and Integral in joy, but the important is that both had an emotionally strong interaction. Even if none of the women approve really what he does, they still support him in their respective places: Integral as a Master/leader hands him orders (and he wants her to watch and puts a show for her), while Seras follows him "in fear" as he orders as the servant/sidekick no matter what she preached before. Integral and Seras were rather naïve in thinking Alucard wouldn't kill the humans in the first place.

Volume 4:
- They have a nice work dynamic during the meeting with the Queen. Alucard and Seras are the ones who follow Integral's orders the most, even though Pip and Walter are there too (Walter fades into background when Alucard is around, so I've noticed). When the Queen orders Integra and Alucard to destroy Millennium in the end of the meeting, Seras is draw behind Alucard. There's a strong presence of her in their lives.

Volume 5:
- Integral sends Seras (and Walter) to look for Alucard, Police Girl stops when she notices he's dreaming. In his dream, the real spirit fairy of the Jackal told Alucard to wake up because Seras and Integra were waiting for him. There's no mention of Walter, just of the women.

Volume 7:
- When Integral is in trouble with Iscariot (and possibly Millennium in the future), via air and via sea, Seras and Alucard arrive to protect their Master and fight the war. Seras jumps as protector against the Iscariot guns while Alucard distracts everyone's attention into crashing on a bridge. Seras turns her head to see that while Integral remarks smiling "He has returned." Anderson does his own welcome, but he's not important here. ;) This is pretty symmetric with what happened in volume 1 where it was Integral the one who rushed into their rescue. It gave a sense of closure to me.

Volume 8 and 9 next. ♥
26th-May-2007 07:41 pm - Welcome~
Hellsing/Lesbos Islands (c) raykat
As the founder, owner and maintainer. I welcome you all to the community. I will post art (with certain degree of shippiness) and good canon moments between the three soon so we can squee over the interaction together. Remember to read the rules before joining.

Everything will be tagged, I will keep a track of the said tags made in each post.

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