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Now they are mine. Mine alone ~

An Integra/Alucard/Seras community

Mine Alone - Alucard x Integral x Seras community
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"Aren't they good women? Now they are mine. Mine alone. Just my beloved Master. Just my beloved Servant. You no longer hold any claim on them!"
Alucard to Walter, Hellsing chapter 78, Finest Hour 3.

Hello and welcome to minealonenow, a community dedicated to the relationship between Alucard, Integra and Seras of Hellsing (tv series, Manga or OVA). All sexual, all platonic, all familial or romantic, as long you're a fan of their interaction (for those interested in Seras as a child figure for Alucard/Integral, join integraxalucard, instead. This community aims to treat their nature in equal way ♥ Master-Master Servant-Servant fun).

Fanart, fanfiction, fanmixes, doujinshi, discussion, etc, everything is welcome. Be sure to know how to use labels if certain fanwork emphasize a pairing more than other (or clarify who is in the "middle" Alucard, Integral or Seras). Love triangle is welcome too, so long it doesn't portray negative the relationship between the "third wheels."


✗ No flames, wank or off topic-ness. I'm delete-happy for that kind of thing. Be smart and don't be an ass. Everyone's here to have fun. ^^
✗ Images, fanfictions, etc must be rated and properly labeled. We don't want unpleasant surprises, do we?
✗ Use lj-cuts. Learn about them by checking the FAQ.
✗ If a member has a different view of how they like the three-way relationship, respect it. Disagree all you want, but don't shove your opinions to them in a rude way. See point one for wank.
✗ Pip exists. I love him. Seras did too. Character bashing, Pip included, is NOT allowed.
✗ Yes, another people/the character posting IS allowed as long there's enough I/S/A content to merit the pimp.

All I have said are common sense rules. I don't want to step in as mod to ground someone in their sandboxes. So play nice, kids? Pleaseeeeeee. ^_______^

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Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano.